Musikwissenschaften, 2012
[The Science of Music]

Experimental theatre performance and site-specific installation. Based on the etching of the same title. Only one single performance for invited guests at a secret location.

Sound & light technicians:

Electronica / Arduino programming:


Writer / director / set designer:
Thanks to:

60 minutes
Igor Shumlyanskiy
Arjen Lemmen
Ron Edens
Alfred de Groot
Klaas Anton Mulder
Bouke Mekel
Gerben Kolkena
Tobias Crone
Fumie Takahashi, Grand Theatre Groningen, Academie
Minerva, Frank Mohr Institute, Ben Kremer, CareX,
Club Guy & Roni, Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken,

This work was supported by the municipality of Groningen with the Hendrik de Vries Grant.

Mundschutz, 2012
[Hygiene masks]

A selection of 30 pieces.
Made from used women’s panties. Useful when high hygiene standards are required.
Untersuchungsbrille, 2012
[Examination glasses]

Made from antique brass and leather amongst other materials.
Battery-operated light bulbs with external switch.

Ideal for examining hidden body parts, including internal examinations.
Der Stuhl, 2010
[The chair]

Room installation consisting of various materials such as forged brass, molded rubber, worn out leather and abandonded bird’s nest.

A device designed to synthesize a stinking but highly effective substance.